Smart delightful AI

Our empathetic AI provides guidance to curated and personalized care with motivation and data-driven insights

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Truly personal care

Our caring AI is tuned to user needs while helping navigate to best-in-class health and care solutions

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Trustworthy customized education and guidance

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Tailored treatment plans based on specialized needs

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Continuous learning based on user interactions and feedback

Data driven insights

Integrating data from multiple sources to help our AI provide better guidance and motivation to enhance engagement

Connecting devices for better insights

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Collects data seamlessly from thermometers, smart rings, scales, image recognition, and more

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Suggests improvements based on user data and program expertise

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Continually improving based on individual and aggregate data

Join us in personalizing healthcare

Motivation & engagement

Built-in contextual messaging, support and guidance to help users accomplish their health goals

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Personalized goal setting, monitoring, and tracking progress

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Supporting users without judgment

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Celebrating success and encouraging users through challenging times