Combining science, technology, and a delightful user experience to end the pandemic for good

Intrivo is a health-tech company harnessing the power of AI to control COVID-19 and help everyone live happier, healthier and safer lives.


The answer to COVID control is finally here

As headlines about the COVID pandemic continue to surge and fill our news feeds, businesses seek a breakthrough promising return to safety and normalcy. For those looking for a comprehensive solution, you're in the right place: that's what Intrivo offers. How? By closing the divide between COVID diagnostic testing and population health management. And Intrivo are the only ones doing it.

Diagnostics As a Service (DaaS)™

Our Diagnostics as a Service (Daas) model offers one subscription that includes both at-home rapid tests and integrated technology for both consumers and population health managers. As future health challenges arrive our platform will continue to evolve and keep you and your teams ahead of the wave.


Clients and Industries We Serve Globally

Government and Education

We work with federal and local governments around the world to help reopen your cities, municipalities and states, and to maintain population health beyond the pandemic.

Retail and Manufacturing

We partner with retailers to provide our tests across thousands of stores, nationwide. Our testing, tools and services to help you steward your employees and allow them to produce and sell your products safely, keeping your locations open and operating and your people safe.

Providers and Payers

We provide physicians, health care systems and insurance companies with diagnostics solutions that help you treat individuals with compassion and certainty, safeguard your community and enhance your bottom line.

Employers and Enterprises

Our population management platform can help you keep your employees safe, wherever they are. Our AI-powered solution helps employers prevent trends from becoming outbreaks, reduce liability, and keep their employees happy and healthy.

Tourism and Travel

The world is opening back up and Intrivo enables travel and hospitality providers to reassure clients and ensure safe locations, increasing your revenues and boosting local economies.

Sports and Entertainment

Activities enhance our lives and Intrivo provides the testing and digital tools needed to get your people back to playing and watching the games they love and attending the events that bring joy.

Our Revolutionary Solution

Our full-stack COVID-control solution combines proprietary technology, AI optimized tools and world class biochemistry to enable safer, happier, healthier lives for people everywhere.


When it comes to testing, integrity, accuracy and speed are everything. Our test provides best-in-class detection: Accurate, rapid test results in 10 minutes, making it ideal and easy for use at scale. Our tests provide 95.4% accuracy, making them among the best available rapid antigen tests available today.


Intrivo's easy to use, FDA-authorized consumer application integrates into an enterprise-grade cloud based population management platform powered by AI. Our customizable platform deliver comprehensive covid solutions that work for both your people and organization at scale.

Delightful User Experience

We believe that people, when given the right tools and information, and when empowered to work together, can find solutions to our globe's greatest problems. Our mission is a human one, to evolve as a global community, meeting the challenges we face together for the benefit of each other.

A COVID solution that's better, smarter, faster and easier to use

Bringing together a global team of proven healthcare, diagnostics testing, and technology leaders, we have launched a comprehensive AI-powered testing platform that offers:

Best In Class Detection

Our science is simply put, the best. Accurate, rapid test results in 10 minutes mean they can be used on site and at scale.

Real-Time Results Tracking

Have the precise knowledge to act immediately. With our solution, you can implement targeted, data based interventions based on real-time data capture and analysis.

Responsive Protocol Engine

Design protocols to manage your business effectively. Respond to incoming data, monitor real-time outbreaks and proactively communicate with your team (like office locations, local regions, or classrooms).

Two Way Communication

The Intrivo communication engine lets population health managers automate and trigger individualized alerts based on real time data. 


How Intrivo works for your organization

Our economy is dynamic and complex. Whether you operate in education, events, retail, travel or manufacturing, Intrivo's Testing-to-Tracing COVID solutions keeps your teams safe and your business running.

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