Our mission is to help everyone live healthier, happier lives

Who we are

We're a passionate and compassionate team from the U.S. and in fact from all around the globe, made of world-class engineers / designers, top product experts, a bunch of creative thinkers, and inspiring leaders that came together to handle some of humanity's most challenging and needed undertakings in health and well being.

What drives us? Solving big human needs/wants by crafting comprehensive, delightful, and impactful health-technology solutions that make a measurable difference in the lives of millions everywhere.


The pinnacle of our pyramid of values is Giving Back - it's our true self-actualization. Helping people with everything we can is what's driving us. Giving compassionately powers our ability to help millions all the way from delightful digital and physical healthcare products and services, to charity.

Ron Gutman, Co-founder & Co-CEO

What we do

We focus on solving the toughest health challenges, and to do so, we often collaborate with leading healthcare enterprises.

Our On/Go platform features a fully integrated digital health infrastructure for delivering delightful and cost effective healthcare solutions that work. It is highly scalable, fully extensible, secure, and compliant. We engineered the On/Go platform to support and enhance any and all health and care work-flows and enable better healthcare to all.

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Our core values

Value pyramid

Building on the proven efficacy of the Sapient Leadership framework developed at Stanford University by one of our Founders, we celebrate at Intrivo a culture of Success & Learning to bring the best out of our fabulous team members. We're on a mission to bring to millions innovative health and care solutions that simply work! We deeply believe in artisanship and are committed to bringing highly effective delightful health and care solutions to people everywhere, reliably, safely, and quickly.

Our team embodies this spirit in our pyramid of values. More than just words on a page, this pyramid acts as a northstar in everything we do, whether we're helping people in need worldwide through our On/go for\Good Foundation, or when we're building delightful award winning products like our On/Go test to Treat solution.


I joined Intrivo to make a meaningful difference, I've stayed because we truly care.

Alim Haji, Front End Developer


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Co-founder and Co-CEO

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Co-founder and Co-CEO

Since 2020, we've been working with leading enterprises, device makers, insurance companies, providers, Federal, state, and local governments, pharmaceuticals, and retailers to create meaningful positive change in healthcare

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