At Home COVID Test

Do Your Own At Home COVID Test

At home COVID tests are becoming more widely available. The tests are useful as a quick, initial screen for COVID infection prior to traveling, attending an event, or even going to work or school, particularly if one is experiencing mild or moderate symptoms. Repeated antigen testing at frequent intervals is ideal to increase the chances of spotting an infection.

Why do an at-home COVID test?

At home COVID tests are faster than PCR tests, and there’s no waiting a round for results - in as little as 10 minutes, you will know if you are currently infectious. The convenience of these tests is unparalleled; there is no waiting in long lines, driving to appointments, or waiting days for results. Now, these at-home COVID tests, like On/Go, are readily available in stores and on websites like Amazon. Rapid antigen at home COVID testing plays an integral, complementary role to PCR confirmatory testing. Regular at home COVID testing with rapid results, multiple times a week, can greatly help prevent and control COVID outbreaks and avoid costly quarantines.

Intrivo is a leading health-tech company harnessing the power of AI and user-centered design to help control COVID-19 while preparing the world to tackle the next health challenges and helping everyone live happier, healthier, safer lives. In the past year, Intrivo has served customers from Federal and State governments, to large employers, to healthcare systems, to the leading retailers, all the way to entertainment venues and cruise-lines. Intrivo has delivered tens of millions of FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests worldwide, achieved multiple FDA and other authorizations across a variety of markets, while leveraging its superior patent-pending technology to help population health managers, and millions of users everywhere gain true peace of mind. While the company is currently focused on the global COVID-19 pandemic, it will expand its solutions to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for both consumers and enterprises alike.

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