Protect your teams with a simple, affordable and integrated COVID control solution.

Intrivo’s Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS)™ solution is the first all-in-one, testing-to-tracing COVID-19 solution combining market-leading, U.S.- made rapid COVID-19 self-tests authorized by the FDA and cutting-edge technology helping population managers identify outbreaks in real time to avoid costly absenteeism, hospitalizations and shutdowns. DaaS delivers targeted interventions where needed that enable peace of mind to employers, their employees and population managers.

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Introducing the first FDA-authorized end-to-end "testing-to-tracing" COVID solution: DaaS

Our AI-powered DaaS solution is specifically designed for employers and population health managers, providing access to Intrivo’s On/Go™ rapid COVID-19 self-tests that delivers results in just 10 minutes through a simple, all-in-one platform to manage the logistics and data associated with testing, tracing and keeping employees healthy and safe.

Seamless, End-to-End Solution

Our DaaS model offers one simple per-employee, per-month payment plan, ensuring access to market leading COVID self-tests, delivered to the office or directly to employees' homes. Our cloud management platform is highly customizable, making it quick and easy to stand up a tool that helps manage your employees' health.

Real-Time Results Tracking

Our AI-powered platform provides real-time COVID test results that give you the precise knowledge to act immediately. With our solution, you can implement targeted, data based interventions based on real-time data capture and analysis. Avoid costly shutdowns and outbreaks.

Personalized, Proactive Communications

Intrivo's integrated communications system automatically ‘pushes’ highly relevant, targeted messages to employees based on employer and medical expert approved protocols. Quickly connect to your population so they know exactly what actions they need to take from our COVID test.

Unmatched Customer Support

We're here to support you every step of the way. From account setup to proctoring services to COVID testing results management, we'll make sure you can quickly get your organization up and running on our platform.

The Tech

Our COVID tests are tightly linked to our proprietary AI-powered cloud management platform which allows employers and population health managers to understand what is going on with their employees in real time, and avoid costly lockdowns. Our platform provides:

Quick set-up and maintenance of different protocols for different employee groups. Easily "push" messages to employees based on actions needed.

Real-time results and timely analytics of potential outbreaks enable quick, targeted decisions for your people and for your business.

A HIPAA compliant solution, built for security and privacy.

Integrated, verified vaccine and result management tool which generates a unique, secure QR health passport.

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The COVID Test

Across the world, enterprises, schools and governments are seeing that COVID testing is here to stay as a part of our “new normal.” Unfortunately, not all tests are created equal. We start with US-manufactured tests that are:

Rapid & Accurate: FDA EUA- authorized tests with results interpreted at 10 minutes. For situations that require, we provide affordable and easy to use proctoring options.

Easy to Use & Traceable: Paired with an intuitive, guided testing experience from our Apple and Google approved app. Testing experience includes automated validation of COVID test authenticity and real-time uploading of results.

Proven Globally: Tens of millions of our FDA-authorized COVID tests have been used worldwide by businesses, schools, events and governments.

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