Intrivo launches DaaS: Diagnostics as a Service for enterprises to help large enterprises manage the health and safety of their employees

November 11, 2021
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Intrivo partners with Fortune 500 companies and other employers with all-in-one COVID-19 Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS) solution that protects employees and helps meet federal testing mandate
• Intrivo’s Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS) solution is the first all-in-one, testing-to-tracing COVID-19 solution combining market-leading, U.S.-made rapid COVID-19 self-tests (On/Go™) and cutting-edge technology that helps seamlessly track vaccinations and testing within a population
• Intrivo is working with a wide variety of leading Fortune 500 companies and other top employers including Publix, Norwegian Cruise Line, Medtronic, First Group North America, United Rentals, large fast food chains, technology companies, airlines, and many othersOn/Go™ is a reliable, cost-effective, at-home COVID-19 antigen self-test that delivers results in just 10 minutes
• Intrivo’s AI-powered DaaS solution identifies outbreaks in real time to avoid costly absenteeism, hospitalizations, and shutdowns, and delivers targeted interventions where needed that enable peace of mind to employers, their employees, and population managers

Miami, FL (Nov. 11, 2021) – Intrivo, a U.S.-based health-tech leader, announced today new partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and large employers including Publix, Norwegian Cruise Line, Medtronic, First Group North America, United Rentals, and one of the largest fast food chains to provide its all-in-one COVID-19 Diagnostic as a Service (DaaS) solution. The AI-powered DaaS solution is specifically designed to help employers and population health managers detect COVID-19 outbreaks in real time and reduce employers' associated costs and risks. Using Intrivo’s On/Go™ rapid COVID-19 self-tests that deliver results in just 10 minutes, the all-in-one DaaS platform manages all of the logistics, data, and operations needed for testing, tracing, and keeping employees healthy and safe. Real-time results are automatically communicated back to employees privately through their mobile devices, providing them with useful guidance and peace of mind. Secure and verifiable digital passports also display test results and vaccination records to enable entry to workplaces and entertainment venues. Through the DaaS platform, tests are conveniently delivered to offices or employees’ homes with real-time results provided for users as well as administrators – with employees’ explicit permissions.

Given the recent mandate released by the White House and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring businesses with at least 100 employees to require COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing for unvaccinated employees, Intrivo’s DaaS solution enables companies to actively prioritize employee safety and adhere to federal mandates with a simple all-in-one solution. Employers can also use Intrivo’s ROI Calculator to estimate how much they could save using the DaaS solution to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and costly absenteeism, hospitalization, medical costs, and shutdowns, based on multiple unique variables such as the size of company and the employer’s industry.

“The pandemic has permanently changed the way businesses operate and while the issue of mandating vaccinations has become politicized, I’m encouraged to see that leading employers are putting politics aside and taking proactive steps to protect their people, regardless of their political views – starting with COVID-19 testing protocols to promote safe and healthy workplaces,” said Ron Gutman, co-CEO of Intrivo. “Rigorous studies at Harvard University and beyond have shown that testing protocols protect the well-being of employees and help to stop the spread of COVID-19, thereby mitigating substantial risks and preventing human suffering. Furthermore, our comprehensive, groundbreaking DaaS solution also makes business sense for employers because they can now avoid costly outbreaks and shutdowns with very little effort and costs. Whether used by a large employer, small business, government entity, school or university, Intrivo’s DaaS solution enables organizations of all types to get ahead of COVID-19 and offer true peace of mind.” 

More than just a technology solution, the entire DaaS experience has been designed by leading Silicon Valley experts, data scientists, and behavioral experts to make it simple to use, affordable, fully HIPAA compliant, and built for security and privacy. 

“The ability to combine the On/Go COVID-19 test results with insights on testing trends is a powerful tool that will help keep our operations running smoothly, and most importantly, keep our employees safe,” said Dr. Debbie Wilkerson, senior director, medical affairs at Medtronic.

Intrivo’s DaaS solution is highly customizable to allow different protocols for different employee groups based on their policies, needs, and wants, and was built by a team with decades of experience building healthcare technology platforms that have served billions worldwide.

“Our customer and employee safety is our top priority, and having Intrivo’s DaaS solution and rapid antigen testing kits available through our partnership is a critical component in doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Ron Behrman, vice president of procurement at First Group North America.

“One of the features of DaaS I’m most proud of in my two decades of healthcare work is our integrated communications system,” said Farid Poonja, head of product at Intrivo. “Intrivo’s AI-powered platform can automatically ‘push’ highly relevant, targeted messages to employees based on employer and medical expert approved protocols. This allows employers and population health managers to quickly and easily deliver the precise interventions and actions that are needed in every situation based on real-time analysis of the right data.”

Developed and supported in the U.S., Intrivo’s DaaS platform is available now for enterprises looking to provide their employees the gold standard in workplace COVID-19 protection, at a fraction of the cost of non-integrated fragmented solutions. To learn more, please visit