Intrivo announces the launch of On/Go One™, the most accurate, compact rapid, and tech-forward COVID test to treat solution

March 2, 2022
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• Building on its top-rated, innovative COVID control platform, Intrivo is introducing today the groundbreaking On/Go One test, an all-in-one, all new, fast, reliable, affordable, portable, and palmable COVID-19 test, with market-leading accuracy and a highly compact design smaller than most smartphones
• On/Go One delivers results with 98.2% accuracy in just minutes with a single test, detects all major known COVID-19 variants, including Omicron, and is suitable for individuals with or without symptoms
• With a 12-month shelf life and a highly affordable price, the test is ideally designed to become a powerful tool to keep in reserve in households across America to help detect and prevent future outbreaks
• The test is coupled with the top-rated On/Go companion mobile app to make testing delightful and easy, including testing guidance, live non-medical support, instructional videos, virtual health resources and much more
• The Intrivo population health management platform now supports tests from multiple manufacturers, including On/Go One, to help population health managers plan, predict and prevent the next outbreak

Intrivo, a U.S.-based health-tech leader, announced today the launch of On/Go One, a rapid COVID-19 test which recently gained Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new antigen test delivers results with 98.2% accuracy in 15 minutes and detects all major known variants, including Omicron, with just one easy-to-use test. On/Go One is available today on Amazon and at for rapid delivery direct to consumers’ homes.

On/Go One harnesses Intrivo’s years of experience fighting COVID to offer clear advantages over existing rapid tests, including: 

• One single test to detect COVID-19 status
• A compact and convenient form factor
• A 12-month shelf life
• Top rated user experience (4.9 stars on iOS, 4.6 stars on Google)
• Affordable price ($9 MSRP), covered by insurance

“On/Go One represents the next frontier in Intrivo’s mission to help all Americans everywhere live happier, healthier, safer lives by helping to detect and control current and future variants and finally making the pandemic endemic once and for all,” said Ron Gutman, co-CEO of Intrivo. “The team at Intrivo has brought all the experience we’ve accumulated over the past couple of years supplying millions and millions of tests to everyone from Government to schools, and from large enterprises to individual consumers, to create an all-in-one solution empowering everyone to go on the offense against COVID-19. For the first time, we can all act proactively to stay ahead of the virus and prevent the next outbreak. Our all new On/Go One test is potent enough to detect COVID-19 with a single, rapid test (unlike competitive products that typically require two tests), and was developed and FDA-authorized with our top-rated On/Go companion app and underlying technology, enabling ease of use for consumers and real-time data and insights for population health managers and governments. Together, we can now detect the emergence and spread of a potential new outbreak when it starts to emerge before it’s too late to respond locally and avoid the consequences we’ve experienced in past waves.” 

The new test joins Intrivo’s innovative suite of products to help Americans as they navigate their entire COVID-19 journey, from testing to care. First, the free On/Go companion mobile app makes the testing process easy by guiding users through each step and providing timers and guidance when necessary. In the event of a positive result, users are directed to an Advanced Care Toolkit (ACT), which includes access to a team of Care Guides, who are specifically trained to provide non-medical support and guidance on next steps. For medical assistance, On/Go has partnered with UnitedHealthcare’s Optum to provide immediate access to same-day virtual appointments with a trained medical provider. Taken together, On/Go offers the most comprehensive solution to managing COVID-19 with an all-in-one, easy, affordable and accessible solution.

 “My family and I are always on the go,”  Intrivo co-CEO Reeve Benaron said. “On/Go One’s portability, affordability and long shelf life make it easy and convenient for any family to keep at home, or take with them whenever needed. Having recently experienced COVID in our family, we’re planning to keep On/Go One tests everywhere – from our bathroom cabinet, to our suitcases that are ready for our next vacation, and from our cars, to our home-office – so, no matter where we are, we will always be safe and protected.”

 *A clinical validation study of the On/Go One test kit found that, when compared to the results of an RT-PCR molecular test, it was able to detect 93% of positive samples and 100% of negative samples. It has been cleared for self-testing by patients ages 14 and older and for administration by an adult to children as young as 2 years old.