Ron Gutman
Intrivo Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Serial technology and healthcare entrepreneur, renowned innovator investor, advisor, and modern leader, Ron Gutman is a visionary who continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry one technology company at a time. Ron has built and invested in companies that have helped millions of people worldwide and saved tens of thousands of lives. As an inventor with patents in healthcare technology and artificial intelligence, Ron has been dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry by optimizing technology to make it more personal, accessible, and delightful. He currently leads Intrivo, a global technology and healthcare company behind the leading US FDA-approved On/Go COVID-19 rapid at-home test that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives in America. Previous endeavors include CEO of HealthTap, the market-leading virtual healthcare provider in the US, and founder of Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that grew to become one of the largest health websites on the Internet, and serve more than a hundred million.

Ron is a prolific author and speaker having written many pieces on innovation, technology, and leadership in highly respected media channels such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, CNN, and TechCrunch. He is a published best selling book author, Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act and his  TED Talk , The Hidden Power of Smiling, has been viewed over 10 million times and translated into over 50 languages.  While teaching a class at Stanford University, Ron and his colleague, Aneel Chima created the foundation for a new leadership theory called Sapient Leadership which is designed to better equip leaders to navigate unprecedented kinds of change. Their findings were published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). What It Takes to Lead Through Exponential Change. Ron works diligently to bring the voice of Sapient Leadership and culture to life to all of his companies. Most recently, Ron also published an article on sugar’s impact in America and transparency on Time Magazine: It’s Time to Treat Sugar Like Cigarettes.

OurPlatform is a revolutionary solution for the healthcare industry, as it supports every step of the user journey, from in-store and at-home testing to remote monitoring and specialized care plans. It is an all-in-one, fully integrated, and personalized app that is accessible anytime, anywhere, providing a comprehensive and high-quality healthcare experience. By combining testing, care, treatment, remote monitoring, and population health management, our Platform is revolutionizing healthcare and enhancing it for the better.

Moreover, our platform is the ultimate solution for partners who wish to realize their technology vision with speed and efficiency. We refer to it as "technology superglue" because of its distinctive features such as scalability, extensibility, safety, and security. Our platform is a trusted all-in-one solution for various industries. We designed it to accommodate scalability and tested it with millions of users, with the capability to serve billions. Our platform's agnostic, omnichannel design allows for seamless integration with both internal and external services and applications. Moreover, our plug and play APIs ensure easy and quick integration. Our cloud platform and API documentation are optimized for large-scale integrations, and our technology is highly agile and designed for rapid iterations. Our platform is also customizable and designed for white-labeling, and our contextual CRM ensures that users receive appropriate messages at the right time. Lastly, our technology has robust data capture and visualization capabilities, making it a potent tool for partners across various industries to leverage the latest technology and accomplish their business goals.

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