Ron Gutman
Intrivo Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Serial technology and healthcare entrepreneur, renowned inventor, investor, Stanford adjunct professor, and a Sapient leader, Ron Gutman is a visionary who continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry one technology company at a time. Ron has built and invested in companies that have helped hundreds of millions of people worldwide and saved tens of thousands of lives.

As an inventor with patents in healthcare technology and artificial intelligence, Ron has been dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry by optimizing technology to make it more personal, accessible, and delightful.

He currently leads Intrivo, a global technology and healthcare company behind the top US FDA-authorized On/Go COVID-19 rapid at-home test that has helped many millions in the US live healthier safer lives.

Previous endeavors include CEO of HealthTap that under his tenure was a world-leading virtual healthcare provider, and founder of Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that grew to become one of the largest health websites on the Internet, and served more than a hundred million people.

Ron is a prolific author and speaker having written many pieces on innovation, technology, and leadership in highly respected media channels such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company Fortune Magazine, and TechCrunch. He is a published best selling book author, Smile: The Astonishing Powers of a Simple Act and his TED Talk, The Hidden Power of Smiling, has been viewed over 10 million times and translated into over 50 languages.

While teaching a class at Stanford University, Ron and his colleague, Aneel Chima created the foundation for a new leadership framework called Sapient Leadership, which they designed to better equip leaders to navigate unprecedented forms of change. Their findings were published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR): What It Takes to Lead Through Exponential Change. Ron works diligently to bring Sapient Leadership to life in all the companies he’s starting building and growing.

Bringing Sapient Leadership and its related culture to life

As Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Intrivo, Ron has worked diligently to bring the principles of Sapient Leadership and its associated culture to life.

As healthcare leaders everywhere have just begun a significant journey of change, moving from sole focus on clinical and functional to a more holistic, humane, and emotional, Ron helped lead this trend by transforming Intrivo’s company culture into a powerful voice and positive impact on millions of people around the world. During Ron’s tenure at Intrivo he implemented the fundamentals of Sapient Leadership, to help the company navigate 3D change during the COVID-19 pandemic (change that was perpetual, pervasive and exponential) and ultimately help tens of millions of people live healthier happier safer lives.

Ron built Intrivo as a modern brand that seeks a relationship not a transaction with its customers, and the company became the top example of the new movement to humanize healthcare. Ron’s business philosophy, driven by the Sapient Leadership framework he co-developed, as well as by artisanship, is focused on providing the latest technology and services that create delightful and meaningful connections ultimately with one single goal: improving the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Sapient Leadership within a company and a brand

Leading with humility is about developing relationships, listening and sharing information openly, and about trusting and being open to feedback. Authenticity is a core value at Intrivo and Ron has led the team by example by making this a reality through collaborative relationships throughout the organization.

This culture of trust and psychological safety empowers individuals and teams in Intrivo, creating a culture of inclusiveness and empowerment. Ron’s open door policy,  24/7 availability to his teams has created a culture centered on trust. Every person in the company feels safe to share ideas, challenges, and suggestions without any concerns.

Another pillar of Sapient Leadership, continuous learning, is a powerful driver in the company’s growth and innovation. It enables employees to get comfortable with new roles, learn new skills and stay excited about reorganizational changes. At Intrivo Ron designed and implemented weekly “Success & Learning” educational sessions to engage employees in knowledge sharing and educational exploration that enhances their professional and personal development as well as the company’s overall performance.

When Intrivo launched the On/Go rapid at-home test, Sapient Leadership guided Intrivo to focus on its shared values and mission, and build a delightful positive and bright brand woven with typical Intrivo artisanship, rejecting the sterile healthcare look-and-feel for a more friendly, approachable and inviting brand connection. The new leadership framework guided a relentless pursuit of establishing a delightful consumer experience in the On/Go’s mobile application, physical product, and ongoing services and support. Going against the tide to bring affordable, accessible, delightful healthcare to consumers wherever they were was the foundation of the company’s success. Being driven by a company mission of shared values, the company was able to be steadfast in the midst of a never before experienced pandemic and serve the community with hope and healing for all.

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