Reeve Benaron
Intrivo Founder and Co-CEO

Reeve Benaron is the founder and co-CEO of Intrivo Diagnostics. A successful entrepreneur and early stage investor in healthtech and adtech, Reeve has been bringing game changing tech to both sectors.

Prior to the foundation of Intrivo, Reeve founded, invested in or otherwise contributed towards the growth of a number of successful companies. 

AUDIENCEX – Co-Founder and Chairman

Reeve co-founded AUDIENCEX in April 2012 and remains Chairman. AUDIENCEX is a leading digital advertising partner for agencies and brands. Disrupting the digital media landscape, AUDIENCEX offers strategic omnichannel performance solutions.

AUDIENCEX combines impactful creative solutions with data-driven insights and unified reporting to deliver outcomes that routinely exceed clients’ expectations. Based in Marina Del Rey, the company operates throughout North America.

AX Venture Partners – Partner

AX Venture Partners combines world-class marketing capabilities with a unique venture model to grow future industry leaders.

Aurox – Lead Advisor for Strategic Development

Aurox is an all-in-one crypto trading platform. Reeve is responsible for the identification of new growth partnerships and developing the company’s Board.

Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc - VP

Reeve was amongst the youngest vice presidents of Salomon Brothers investment banking division from 1998 to 2010.

Bear Industries, LLC – Co-Founder

Reeve co-founded this prominent real estate development firm based in Southern California.

Reeve studied Finance and Economics at the University of San Diego and Talmudic Studies at the Yeshiva University of Los Angeles.

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