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High-quality, FDA-authorized rapid antigen Point of Care tests

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High quality, rapid FDA-authorized Point of Care tests.

US manufactured, FDA authorized

Intrivo is proud to have provided tens of millions of high quality, US made, FDA authorized tests to US Federal and state governments from coast-to-coast, and other government partners around the world. Currently, the Delta variant has caused COVID outbreaks in many countries. In-house performance evaluation of all variants of concern has demonstrated the variants did not affect the performance of our Point of Care test.

Meeting customer demand

Despite unprecedented demand and market shortages of antigen tests, we are continuing to send out our FDA-authorized tests across the country. Call now for more information!

Competitively priced and flexible credit terms

Our gold standard point of care tests are available for  purchase through Federal and state procurement contracts.  As the exclusive distributor for CareStart COVID-19 Antigen test for Point of Care, we reduce your cost, as well as the time from your order to delivery. We are your trusted partner in helping contain COVID, and keeping our schools, offices and civic facilities open and safe. 

Proven delivery to national and international partners 

From schools and universities to borders and even prisons, our customers experience rapid delivery of in-stock Point of Care tests, competitive pricing and the ongoing prioritization of tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can the tests be shipped?

Please contact us to learn more about shipping options.

What is the specificity/sensitivity of the tests? 

For Anterior Nares (AN) collected specimens, sensitivity is 87.2%, specificity is 100%. For Nasopharyngeal (NP) collected specimens, sensitivity is 93.8%, specificity is 99.3%. Download IFU Here.

Do the tests work on variants of concern, such as Delta? 

In-house performance evaluation using the recombinant nucleocapsid proteins of the currently known variants of concern, including Delta, demonstrated the variants did not affect the performance of the CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen test. View Study Letter.

How can we see the clinical trial results for the CareStart™ tests? 

See the Performance Characteristics portion of the Instructions For Use (IFU) available on the official FDA website. View the IFU

What is the shelf-life for the tests?

The CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen tests for Point of Care have a 12-month shelf life at this time, which is 6 months longer than the date listed on the box. FDA has issued shelf-life extension letters extending the shelf life 6 months. The FDA’s shelf-life extension letters are posted below the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) letter for the tests on the official FDA website listing authorized COVID-19 antigen tests. Those letters, along with a letter from the manufacturer identifying the lot numbers for the tests with extended shelf-life, will be provided to consumers along with the tests. View the extension letter.

Do you have anterior nares swab tests available or only nasopharyngeal swab tests?

Yes, we have both methods of specimen collection at this time.

What is the temperature range for storage of the tests?

CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen tests should be stored at 33.8°F -- 86°F (1°C -- 30°C) until use.

Are the tests manufactured in the United States?

Yes, the tests are manufactured by Access Bio in Somerset, New Jersey. The facility is FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant, and Access Bio has over 30-years of experience manufacturing In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests at that facility, such as the CareStart™ COVID-19 Antigen tests.

Case Studies

Across the nation and across the world, governments are realizing that vaccines alone are not enough, especially in managing the threat of the Delta variants and other emerging strains. Rapid antigen testing provides an additional, affordable layer of virus management and control, which can help minimize outbreaks and keep society open.


Case study: Maryland

Intrivo is proud to have partnered with educational institutions across the country and the world, like the University of Maryland. Our tests are used for students, educators, and critical frontline health care providers, to enable a return to in-person teaching and support university health systems. By providing highly affordable, highly accurate tests in which all stakeholders can have confidence, Intrivo's tests are helping support a highly compliant program. Go Terrapins!


Case study: Utah

Starting at the end of 2020, even during the busy holiday season and with robust demand, Intrivo found a way to support the state of Utah with the provision of half a million rapid antigen tests over the busy holiday period. In conjunction with one of our experienced distribution partners, MyLabs, we were able to deliver the order on-time in-full despite winter weather conditions, complex supply chains and the holiday season.

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